We are at a turning point in history. Technology is beginning to accelerate at an unheard of pace, we are steadily marching closer towards AGI, and traditional ways to 'become successful' are becoming less and less reliable. Think GME vs. Wall Street.

We believe startups are changing too.

There was a time, not so long ago, that creating a company in tech was almost impossible for the average person. This is changing.
We want to accelerate this change. Simple as that. We, ourselves, are the next generation of progress, and we want to give other similar minds their chance to build something without ever having to wonder how.

The Gemstone Project is more than a company- its an ongoing idea, an ever-shifting, collaborative project. When we initially created this project in late 2022, it was for ourselves, in order to streamline the process of building out our other ideas through holding assets. We very quickly realized that we could use this idea to help out others in the same situation. Attracting people with our shared drive and passion is invaluable, so it was a win for us, too.

Our multiple sects, including our coding academy and research divisions, when combined with our young, passionate team of extensive development talent, all work together to bring life to projects on the bleeding edge of computer science.

Passionate, young, and hungry, we learned through experience how to build something from scratch; that starting a company, building out an idea, should never be halted because you don't know where to start; and that the process of starting from an idea is deliberately made to feel impossible. We don't just want to help cut through this red tape, we want to eliminate it completely.

We provide talent, resources, and connections to aspiring business in the tech world.
We're here to find Gemstones in the rough.
We're here to incubate greatness.

Welcome to The Gemstone Project.

- Jax and Jeffrey


The future of technology lies in the youth.
The ability to code is best learned through guided application. As students, we know that the education system we grew up with is a complete systematic failure. While we ourselves may not be able to fix all of education, we can certainly learn from its shortcomings and create something better.

From their very first project, a student enrolled in The Gemstone Academy will begin building up a real, business-ready portfolio on their GitHub, all the while learning how to solve complex problems and meeting like-minded peers.

The Gemstone Academy's goal is to guide students to learning what they enjoy doing, not what we think they should learn. Highly personalized, we foster an environment for students to code collaboratively and create novel, practical projects. All students will perfect their programming fundamentals and publish projects, over time getting to specialize in a major field of computing.

Tutors are well-vetted, highly curated, active students from top colleges around the country, including Harvard, Northeastern, and The University of Florida. Many of our tutors also have startups and ideas of their own, and collaborate through The Gemstone Project.

What a student learns in the Academy grows with them. As such, a student's curriculum is based not on their age, but their ability. Students may begin learning at the Academy beginning at 8 years old, and each student will be matched with a group of similar age, interests, and previous experience.
The Gemstone Academy is designed to foster prodigies.

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We are, and work with, the next generation of success- passionate, driven youth. Like an ever-growing spiderweb, each new company we help grow strengthens the others, builds connections, and further legitimizes our ideas of what creating a company could have always been.

To validate our thesis, we develop our own companies under The Gemstone Project. We provide entrepreneurs with the resources they need to build successful companies from nothing. We are currently in stealth mode, but we will be launching soon.


Cutting-edge research being conducted by some of the brightest minds in the field of computer science. Our research sect is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what we know about programming, data analysis, and machine learning. We're not content to just teach what's already been discovered; we're on a quest to discover what hasn't even been imagined yet. Think of us as a laboratory of ideas, a place where theories are tested, hypotheses are proven, and new knowledge is created. As a student of our coding academy, you'll have the opportunity to work side-by-side with our researchers, learning from their expertise and contributing to their groundbreaking work.

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